Below is a list of websites, books, and other blogs that you might find useful. I’ll be updating this page as I find new material, so do check back regularly!


Tetrapod Evoltuion & Diversity:

  • Gaining Ground [Book] by Jennifer Clack – the classic guide to the origin and evolution of tetrapods
  • Devonian Times – details of early tetrapod discoveries
  • Earth Before the Dinosaurs [Book] by Sebastien Steyer – does what is says on the tin, along with some incredible illustrations!


Taxonomy & Systematics

  • Tree Thinking [Book] by Baum & Smith – one of my favourite textbooks for all things phylogenetic!
  • The Naming of the Shrew by John Wright – a wonderful telling of the stories behind Latin binomial names

General Science


PhD Life:

  • PhD Starter Kit by Achintya Rao – an exhaustive guide to preparing for a life in academia
  • The Thesis Whisperer – Not just for those writing up! Also, a great resource for tips and tricks on surviving your PhD years
  • 101 Top Tips for PhD Students [Book] by Iain Woodhouse – A very quick read but I’ve found it helps to put a lot of things into perspective.
  • Daily Life of a PhD [Blog] by Megan De Ste Croix – Megan blogs daily about what she gets up to during her PhD. A wonderful insight into what its actually like to be a PhD student in science!